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This includes all brands and all fillers soft, medium and thick. Fillers are useful for lips, cheeks, jawline, chin, fine and deep lines, marionette lines and smile lines.

Lips, chin, nasolabial folds starting from $599

Cheeks, jawline, pre-auricular starting from $999

Advanced Filler:

(areas are set price)

$899 includes:


Tear trough




Filler Corrections:

This is for dissolving work not performed by us that requires dissolving before retreating $300 


This treatment is suitable for wrinkles caused by expression. Deeper lines may require filler as well.

Forehead $199

Frown $199

Crows feet $299

3 area package $599

Gummy smile $99

Lip flip $99

Masseters $499

All other areas POA

Fat Dissolving

Double Chin $999

Jowl/Neck $999

Chin+jowl/neck Package $1599

Subsequent treatments $799

Body areas (bilateral) $1799

Subsequent treatments $999

Biostimulating Filler:

2 brands available-

Starting from $999

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