What are they?

Fillers are a gel like substance comprised of molecules of a hydrating sugar produced naturally in the body. In the body this naturally produced substance is continually broken down and replaced and it’s job is to draw water to the area and hold it in the tissues, keeping them plumped and hydrated. The fillers used cosmetically are plant derived and when injected are broken down by the same metabolic process and enzyme that breaks down the naturally produced substance and slowly resolved by the body over a period of months. All of the most commonly used and known brands of filler are all made from the same substance, the difference is how each brand designs their fillers to behave. Some spread, some lift and some are elastic. Depending on the treatment area, patient and desired result would depend on which one was picked. One important thing to note is that fillers are able to be dissolved and are therefore ‘reversible’ by the use of the same concentrated enzyme naturally produced by the body.

What are they used for?

Fillers are used to enhance certain features, balance the face, profile sculpting, glamorising, deep lines, replacing volume loss from ageing, hydrating the skin and can be useful for certain types of scarring. They can also be used in the neck, chest and hands.

How much will I need? 

The volume needed will depend on the desired effect. Often fillers need to be layered to achieve the desired results. Once the desired result is achieved, regular treatments to maintain the result is needed as the gels are temporary. Depending on the person, the area and the effect, maintenance can be anywhere from 3-6 months for skin hydration or 6-24 months for volumising. 

How long will it last?

Longevity is reliant on a number of factors including individual patient factors; diet, lifestyle, exercise, genetic factors, the area treated, the number of treatments and the filler used however, we are able to give some indication of how long you can expect your fillers to last during your consultation.

What can I expect after treatment?

Swelling is generally apparent immediately and tends to increase overnight. Generally a majority of the swelling subsides within 48hrs with a small amount persisting up to a week or 2. The area is healed at around 4 weeks and settling and softening of the product continues from there. It is not advisable to massage the area post treatment, this can cause asymmetry, move the product from where it has been placed and cause additional trauma to the tissues. We recommend just letting it heal naturally with minimal interference. Bruising can occur due to the use of needles, they will heal in their own time. Avoid touching the area or wearing makeup for at least 4hrs, preferably longer to avoid infection. Avoid exercise, anti-inflammatories and alcohol for 48hrs post treatment. Arnica and bromelain have been shown to be useful in reducing swelling and bruising.

When can I get another treatment in the same area?

Although we recommend at least 1 month to allow the previous treatment to heal, in our experience it is best to wait at least 2-4 months to properly allow the fillers to settle into the tissues. Gradual building and layering achieves the best aesthetic results.

What brands do you carry?

Due to TGA restrictions on advertising and drug names we can list the brands we carry. We do however carry 5 different brands of fillers including the most well known and sought after totalling over 23 different products. This is to allow us to choose the best possible option for you. We often get asked ‘Which is the best?’ There is no ‘best’ just the most suitable  product for the treatment, desired effect and patient on the day.

Does it hurt?

Most areas a very comfortable however certain areas, such as lips, can be fairly sensitive. We use our own topical anaesthetic, local anaesthetic in the filler and can do additional local injections if required.