Bio-stimulating Filler

What are they?

Much like fillers they contain a gel component, however, unlike fillers they are biphasic (meaning 2 phases). They also contain a substance which actively encourages the growth of new collagen in the tissues. They can be used much the same as fillers (but not in all areas) and have the added benefit of causing lasting changes in the skin. They are fantastic for firming the skin and tightening areas such as face, neck, hands and chest. They can be used to either sculpt or as an all over rejuvenation treatment.


How long do they last?

As discussed, these fillers are biphasic. The first phase ‘the gel component’ lasts up to 6 months but has a notable decrease at around the 3-4 month stage. The second phase where the collagen is being stimulated becomes apparent at around 4-6 months and can last up to 18 months. In the period where the gel component has decreased and the collagen stimulating effect is only just beginning to become apparent there can be a ‘flat period’ where there may only be a minimal results visible before they begin to become more apparent again. Patience is key to achieving these long term results. 


How much will I need?

Volume depends on the area being treated and also the effect trying to be achieved- volumising vs rejuvenation. This can be discussed in your consultation. Maintenance is generally recommended once per year after desired results are achieved. 


Does it hurt?

Much like with fillers we use both topical and local anaesthetic as required and use both needles and cannula, again depending on the purpose and desired results.


What can I expect after treatment?

Swelling is generally apparent immediately and tends to increase overnight. Generally a majority of the swelling subsides within 48hrs with a small amount persisting up to a week or 2. The area is healed at around 4 weeks and settling and softening of the product continues from there. Bruising can occur due to the use of needles, they will heal in their own time. Avoid touching the area or wearing makeup for at least 4hrs, preferably longer to avoid infection. Avoid exercise, anti-inflammatories and alcohol for 48hrs post treatment. Arnica and bromelain have been shown to be useful in reducing swelling and bruising.


When will I see results?

If used for volumising, results will be visible immediately. If used for collagen stimulation and rejuvenation, results may take several months to be apparent.